Fees and Income Categories

Service and administrative fees for financing are determined according to income categories, with the borrower bearing the profit rate, as outlined below:

Income Categories
Profit Rate
Borne by
  • Less than
    OMR 401
  • OMR 401-
    OMR 1000
  • More than
    OMR 1000

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining Financing:

The eligibility criteria for obtaining a subsidized housing finance for applicants on the waiting list of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning and Oman Housing Bank are as follows:

  • The subsidized housing finance applicant must be an Omani national and married
  • The subsidized housing finance applicant should have a stable and consistent monthly income that allows for regular repayment of loan installments to the bank.
  • The finance applicant should not own a house in the Sultanate
  • The finance applicant, as well as their spouse, must not be recipients of the social housing system or any government-supported housing scheme. Additionally, they should neither be beneficiaries nor eligible for subsidized housing or subsidized housing grants from their place of employment.

Electronic process of the "Iskan" Programme

Any citizen, regardless of their location, can access the electronic platform and complete the registration procedures to understand their role. Simultaneously, they can verify their eligibility for financing.

Oman Housing Bank (OHB) uploads lists of eligible citizens based on their application dates to the "Iskan" electronic platform. As their turn approaches, each eligible individual receives a brief text message containing a direct link to the application process through the electronic platform, as detailed below:

Note: Upon logging into the electronic platform, eligible citizens can view the expected date of their turn.

Participating Banks

  • Bank Nizwa
  • Alizz Islamic Bank
  • Muzn Islamic Bank
  • ahli bank
Call Center
2477 5800